What is blindness and how does it feel to be blind? Does blindness result into diminished quality of life? Are there any unique benefits to being blind? How will it feel not being able to see friends or loved ones? These are unusual worries that you probably have never come across, but I have! Believe me; even in darkness there is light. My name is Reece O'Bryan and this is my story…. Darkness, Pain and More Darkness On Halloween of 2013 I encountered darkness. I won’t know if there is any difference between encountering darkness gradually and encountering darkness suddenly. All I know is that the latter is bewildering and painful. But even in sudden darkness, I discovered there is light. The story of how I lost my vision, sense of smell, sense of taste, and nearly my life (as detailed on the About me page) is a painful victory that keeps me moving on and on. On that stormy night and in my state of pain and hopelessness, even the doctors lost hope just seeing my condition. It was a rarely witnessed car accident but even in that state of numbness and darkness, my body and soul maintained the zeal to fight on. It was a Halloween like no other but little did I know what awaited me down the hill, about half a mile from home. The accident opened a whole new chapter in my life and taught me the importance of appreciating the little things that we often take for granted. Victory Can Replace Pain and Darkness After all was done, I lost 60% of my senses but I did not lose my life. Even in total darkness, my body kept on fighting and the zeal grew stronger as days turned into weeks. The first surgery took over 12 long hours and it involved top neurologists and nearly 50 doctors. All that time, I remained unconscious and when I regained consciousness weeks later, I had no recollection of the accident or where I was. Slowly, I started to see light in darkness. Many months later, I still believe in victory and I am worried less of pain and darkness. I welcome you to read my story on the About me page. 


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Below is a video of the mobility instructor I will be working with in March, 2016. 


October, 2015

Went Skydiving, to see the video of this check the recent posting in my Blog.


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